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The murders of unarmed black people by the police and Black Dollar Days.

By Faye Porter - The Black Dollar Days Initiative.

Have we forgotten about what is still going on in our midst? Sure, there's a bunch of media going 24 hrs a day in the attempt to deter you from what is happening around you. The attempt can be very successful...until one of your family or friends is in a precocious situation. Then reality...will roll in like a tornado and wake you from your restful state.

Has anything happened that prevents the murdering of unarmed black people at the hands of the police? Don't worry....I'll wait for the answer!

Well...the truth is that nothing has happened that will stop the murders of unarmed black and brown people by the police. Or to stop any corporate or political entity from controlling black and brown people's lives. Unless we have the plan to take our power back we will be in a never ending war against the powers that be.

Black Dollar Days has the plan and we must take the action. Sounds easy...well it is. It's simple, proven and true.

The only way so stop the many indignities that we suffer daily, is what most people don't want to hear, because there has to be a sacrifice, and a small one. Something that we all must do, can do, together.

On Black Dollar Days, we shop only at black and brown owned businesses and those businesses who support us. Now, I know that it sounds cliche, but the truth of the matter is, the reason that we have not resolved this issue and others is because we spend so much money with those who continue to oppress us.

Now, I know that you've heard this before. What has been resolved after the tears dried and the marches ended? Not one, single, solitary, particular thing was legislated to stop the murders. Except for the imprisonment of a hand full of officers.

So, here's the and brown people are the biggest consumers in America. Yet we're only 18 percent of the population. Which means we spend, spend and spend!

We must take our power back, and that mean taking our money out of the hands who create negative legislation that will destroy us. WE WILL SPEND OUR MONEY WITH ONLY BLACK AND BROWN OWNED AND AFFILIATE BUSINESSES ON BLACK DOLLAR DAYS! And every day!

In America, whether it was the slave trade, or the systematic economic warfare heaped upon black and brown people (which I call financial Jim Crow) there are only two and power.

We have had Black Wall Street and a few other very prosperous entities and neighborhoods. But they were all destroyed because there was the power to destroy them. No one can destroy the power of money. Whether its the almighty dollar, bitcoin, pesos, lira or the money of the future, no one can destroy the power of OUR money. We and we alone have the power. Let's use it!

You do not have to be a person of color to participate in Black Dollar Days or to list your business on the Facebook Page or website. After approval, all businesses will be listed in the Black Dollar Days Directory.

Get ready for our upcoming Black Dollar Days! Money+Power= Results.

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