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Can every black person in America "Become whoever they want to be? No...

There is the civil rights act, the busing rights acts and countless of other acts that were supposed to make black lives "equal". 50 years later, we still have to look racism in America straight in the eye and tell the truth. Not a white-washed version of the truth, as many states are trying to do in books. But the real-nitty gritty truth and why every black person cannot be whom they want to be.

I wanted to become a ballerina, then an astronaut, then a singer and a whole plethora of other things. Some of the personal decisions that we make in our lives will determine who we become. But most of the decisions made in our lives are done without our knowledge by those who have the money and therefore have the power.

I had a conversation with someone recently who I thought was reasonably educated. I asked that person if she truly believed that everyone in America could be who they wanted to be. She replied "yes." At that point I laughed and said "are you kidding me." The playing field in America has been unequal since slavery. But when I mentioned slavery as being one of the reasons why everyone cannot be as they desire, she stated "there you go with that slavery stuff."

Like I said, I thought that this person had some form of common sense. I guess that she swallowed the narrative.

that has been planted by those in power and the white media, that slavery no longer matters in the lives of modern day blacks. After 450 years of slavery and jim crow, it only take a whole population of people 50 years to recover their wealth and become who they want to be?

Money and power have long been the tools that have controlled the lives of black people. Slavery was the most profitable business in the United States and is the only reason that many whites have generational wealth. The generational wealth that was stolen from black people. Slaves were the wealth of America, and black people are the biggest consumers in America.

Black people are 12.1 percent of the population, but buy less from themselves that any other nationality or culture.

So how we do we become " who we want to be" in a country that is steeped in racism and conscious or unconscious bias? The only way that we can control our own narrative is to use our power, and our power rests in the palm of our hands. It's called money.

I have been told that black people do not have the restraint to withhold their money from those who hold power over our lives. That black and brown people are extravagant and our whole purpose in life is to buy expensive cars, expensive clothes, and go on vacations. Most black people have no idea of the what real generational wealth looks like. Check out the "One."

The one is the most expensive home in America, valued at 295,000,000. So, if everyone cant truly be whom they desire to be, why don't we all have a home like this?

The only way to become who we really want to be is to withhold our money from those who are on our financial necks and use our power as leverage to demand and take our power from those who rule over us. Much like a Monarchy. Power is never given away, we must take it. That is what Black Dollar Days is all about. Stay tuned to for more.

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