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Our Next Black Dollar Day is February 21st, 2022.

Join the Black Dollar Days Initiatives' Black Dollar Day on Tuesday, February 21st, 2022. Our first Black Dollar Day of 2022! The Black Dollar Days Initiative is designed to use financial leverage to reposition our dollars and control the profits of the companies that use money to enforce racist policies.

Our ongoing initiative's are addressing the attack on voting rights and stopping the murders of unarmed black people by the police!

The Coronavirus has been the focus of our nation, as it should be. However the murdering of unarmed black and brown people continue. The suppression of voting rights has never been more prevalent, even during the civil rights era. Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate are determined to make sure that every person who is non-Caucasian will have a difficult time voting.

It is time to face the truth. There will be no democracy in America if our voting rights are suppressed. Donald Trump (I apologize for mentioning his name) wanted to be an American Kim Jong-Un. He wanted a dictatorship. Hence, the attack at the Capital on January 6th, 2020.

Sadly, there is another truth. The killing of unarmed black and brown people by the police will never stop. Unless, WE make it stop. The history of the police departments in America is dripping of racism and steeped in the illusion that the police are to protect and serve. Maybe for some, but many would rather kill an unarmed black or brown person and claim self defense. Or, say that they interpreted the situation as a dangerous one, thus justifying the use of lethal force.

The Black Dollar Days Initiative is the New way to protest, and do so peacefully. We can walk softly and carry a big stick! We have tried marching, singing, dancing, praying and dying but little has changed. If you wake up in the morning and your skin is brown or black, you know exactly what we mean. Let's use our financial leverage to demand change!


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