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Faye Porter – CEO of The Black Dollar Days Initiative

Question: what kinds of thoughts and feelings are conjured when you consider being disrespected or abused (whether verbally or otherwise)? How do you feel after having been insulted? What do you think your response would be to having been assaulted by someone you thought you could trust? By someone who had sworn to support and protect you? What would you think if the corporate entities where you spend money support the policies that seek to suppress you? These are some things that are understandably uncomfortable to think about, but it is also something that is commonly and systematically happening in our society. From chattel slavery to Jim Crow and the black code, the disproportionate imprisonment and police shootings of black men, women and children and the egregious attacks on our voting rights we have to use financial protests as leverage to achieve what we demand and deserve.  Equal rights on all levels...period.


Corporations and the people who control the money tend to control the government.  The government controls the state and the state controls the police.  But the very bottom line is MONEY — those who make it and those who spend it. 


What if we really allowed ourselves to notice and get tired and angered by the mistreatment that may sadly have become the norm for too many people of color in our communities? So the next question: To spend or not to spend? And whom do we OR whom do we NOT support with our hard earned dollars? We all too often do not have their support, their compassion,  their sympathy, their pity, their concern or their respect for us as worthy human beings, but they do understand and respect our voting power and our MONEY POWER. Let’s use our real leverage to support BLACK DOLLAR DAYS (which of course is not just for people of color but all people of every stripe).  Read up on it. Your support makes all the difference.


-Jeffrey M. Felton



Black Dollar Days is an ongoing initiative designed to use financial protests as leverage to reposition our dollars and control the profits of the companies that use our money to enforce racist policies. On Black Dollar Days we will spend no money except with black owned or affiliated business. And, we are all Inclusive.

About Us


Join our initiative that is designed to resolve issues that can only be solved by financial protests. Our first initiative is to stop the murders of black people by the police and racist entities and to protect, preserve and improve our voting rights. We will address many issues, but right now, we must unleash our financial leverage to get their knees off our necks and their hands off of our voting rights.

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